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Public Utilities
Rates and Fees

New Construction
HRSD Charges

Rates & Fees – Usage

When a customer applies for initial water service, there shall be a fee of $12.00 charged for establishing the new account and turning on water at the new residence. When a customer moves from one residence to another within the City, there shall be a transfer fee of $5.00. These charges will be billed with the first bill at the new residence.

A deposit equal to an average billing is required from anyone other than the property owner when applying for service. For residential service, this is a minimum of $170.00. This will be applied to the final bill or returned when service is terminated or the residence is purchased. No interest is paid on this deposit.

There is a $12.00 fee for turning service off and a $12.00 fee for restoring service for non-pay. This fee and the amount due shall be paid before service is restored. Where unauthorized persons turn water on, there is an additional $12.00 fee or a total of $36.00 when service is restored.


On occasion a water bill is estimated.  This is often due to access issues, including parked vehicles, locked gates, and snow cover.  An estimated bill is based on your historical usage over the last 6 months.  Every effort is made to take an actual reading during the next billing cycle.  Should your estimated bill not accurately reflect actual usage, the next bill will be adjusted up or down accordingly based upon the actual reading.


Ready to Serve Charge:
This charge is included in "Water" on billings. No water consumption is included in this charge.
Most residential houses have a 5/8" size meter.

Meter Size Monthly Charges
5/8" $5.00
3/4" $6.00
1" $8.00
1-1/2" $15.50
2" $25.50
3" $40.50
4" $75.50
6" $164.00
8" $250.50
10" $375.00


Water Charge: $3.557 / 100 cubic feet
Sewage Charge: $2.78 / 100 cubic feet
(Minimum $3.21 per month)
HRSD Sewage
Treatment Charge:
(Effective 7/1/11)
$4.13/100 Cu. Ft.
Minimum charge of $0.25 per day
Flat rate accounts
(single family residential only) $24.40 per 30 day Period
Utility Tax: 20% of water charges
(ready to serve and water charge)
$400.00 per month, maximum
Refuse Collection Fee: $33.36 per month per dwelling unit
Returned Check Fee: $50.00 (as of March 2010)


Rates & Fees – New Construction

Water Service Connection:
Costs include tap, service, and meter installation by the Department except where noted.

Size Connection Portsmouth Chesapeake Service Area
3/4" $500 $750
3/4" (service installed by developer/owner) $200 N/A
1" Cost plus 25%
($750 min.)
1.5 times cost plus 25%
1-1/2" Cost plus 25%
($900 min.)
1.5 times cost plus 25%
2" Cost plus 25%
($1,500 min.)
1.5 times cost plus 25%
4" Cost plus 25%
($2,900 min.)
1.5 times cost plus 25%
6" Cost plus 25%
($4,000 min.)
1.5 times cost plus 25%
8" Cost plus 25%
($5,800 min.)
1.5 times cost plus 25%
10" Cost plus 25%
($6,200 min.)
1.5 times cost plus 25%


Sewer Connection Fees (where a lateral is available):

Residential, Trailer Parks: $150 for each dwelling unit
Commercial/Industrial: $150 per equivalent dwelling unit (1 equiv. unit = 280 gallons per day)
When the City performs the installation and connection, a connection fee equal to the greater of the actual cost of such connection plus twenty-five per cent (25%) or $1,250.00 shall be made for each point of connection. If the deposit is less than the actual connection fee, the applicant shall pay the difference within thirty days or have service denied until payment of any balance due is made. If the deposit is more than such charge, the difference shall be promptly refunded. This is in addition to the $150.00 availability fee.

This fee is in addition to the sewer connection fee. It applies to areas where sewers have been installed by the City of Portsmouth and a shall be paid by homeowners who do not connect and pay the sewer connection fee within 30 days after notice that sewers are available. During construction of sewers and within 30 days after completion, the homeowner pays only the $150 connection fee. Afterwards, the line fee is due, or a total of $400. Where new construction is done and the connection fee is paid at the time of application for building permit, only $150 sewer connection fee is due.

Owner/Developer is responsible for installation of a sewer lateral meeting current City standards where sewer lateral is non-conforming or not available.


HRSD Charges:

Facilities Charge:
Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD), the regional sewage treatment authority, assesses a sewer connection fee as a capacity charge for their treatment system. This fee is based on the water meter size.


Table of Charges (Effective 7/1/2015)

Meter Size Charge
5/8" $1,895
3/4" $4,830
1" $8,170
1-1/2" $17,260
2" $29,420
3" $67,350
4" $122,400
6" $284,070
8" $516,260
10" $820,560


In addition to the above charge, whenever a new user’s high strength or high volume wastewater impacts HRSD facilities to such an extent that special modification and/or expansion is required, an additional Facility Charge may be assessed. This additional Facility charge shall be calculated based on those capital expenditures required to provide service to the affected user.

The Facility Charge shall be due and payable prior to the issuance of a building permit/sewer permit by the local jurisdiction. The Facility Charge shall also be due and payable prior to the renewal and /or reissuance of a building permit, except in cases where the applicable Facility Charge was paid when the building permit was originally issued.


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